Take Control of Your Water

There are two water-related mistakes that are very common amongst home owners:

  1. 1. Overspending on water usage and water appliances
  2. 2. Owning water appliances that are not energy efficient is a one stop location for the information needed to address both these issues. Saving money is of utmost importance in todayís economy. We offer crucial money saving tips and provide readers with information about the little known businesses that can save you a ton of money on your electricity, gas and water bills.

Whole House Water Filter

An increasing number of homeowners are switching to whole home water filtration systems. A typical whole house water filter cleanses every drop of water used in your home. This includes showers, faucets, sprinklers, ice machines and any other water-using appliance in the home. The benefits of whole house water filters are quite staggering. Here are a few of the facts:

  • > Filter out chlorine, heavy metals (i.e. lead) and other harmful bacteria.
  • > Improved water taste
  • > Benefits to your skin
  • > Compact size
  • Greenlife Water Whole House Filtration System

    After analyzing a number of whole home water filter options, itís clear that the best and most flexible option is offered by a small business called Greenlife Water. They offer a compact reverse osmosis water filter that is superior from a technology and energy efficient standpoint. Their water filter offers a couple advantages when compared to the other leading model. The Greenlife Water model is highly energy efficient and the unit is very small in size. As well, Greenlife Water offers a unique service in that they allow consumers not only to buy the unit outright but also to rent. They are the only known business that offers whole home water purification rentals which is a significant advantage to consumers that cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars to buy a water filter unit outright.

    Hereís a link to a Greenlife Water review page.

    Tankless Water Heater

    The tankless water heater market has grown significantly over the past five years. Tankless water heaters are small square units that replace the larger, bulkier water heating tanks found in most homes. The upfront cost for a tankless water heater is 2x the cost of a normal water heater. Simple math suggests that the savings over the life of the water heater more than pays for the initial upfront cost. Tankless water heaters last 7 years longer than standard water heaters while occupying only third of the space. A 2000 sq. ft. home will save between $50 and $121 in energy efficiency savings when functioning with a tankless water heater. That means the tankless heater will pay itself back in roughly 10 years or half its life. Combine this with the peace of mind that comes with reducing your carbon footprint and the switch should be a pretty easy decision.

    Low Flow Shower Head

    Low flow shower heads reduce water consumption 50-70% on average. Less water means lower energy usage as well. This is a quick and easy way to save money in your home. A typical low flow shower head costs between $7-$9. There are also options for those who love their high pressure shower heads. Many of the low flow shower heads come with a pressure option that allows users to switch back and forth between high and low pressure. Water efficient shower heads are a small but easy step toward reducing your energy bill, water bill, and carbon footprint.

    Water Saving Taps

    Similar to water saving shower heads, taps can be purchased with the same functionality. A water efficient faucet is another small but quick way to save you money on bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Water saving taps are quite a bit more expensive when compared to their shower head counterpart. To purchase one you are looking at somewhere in the ballpark of $100 per tap. Again, the tap will pay itself off over time if homeowners are willing to make the upfront investment.